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Portion sizes are by 2 or 4 guests, for additional portions, add extra packs to your bag. Example order 3 packs of four which serve for 12 guests

We currently offer delivery & click & collect. Delivery is specified in accordance to your postcode and click & collect locations are accessible throughout Nottingham.

You will have the option to choose from your nearest click & collect location. Your parcel will be delivered to that location for you to collect at your desired time. The order collection will be a minimum of one day after the order is placed.

Once your have ordered and paid, orders cannot be amended. You can add additional orders to your initial request by submitting your original order reference with your new order.

We cannot amend orders for next day delivery. We can amend delivery times with 24 hours notice. Please email us on

All event, parties, corporate requirements up to 500 guests.

If dishes are still frozen upon delivery, they can be kept until the 'use by date' located on the dishes, providing they are kept frozen at a temperature of -18*. Once dishes are defrosted, they can be kept up to 2 days in refrigeration at a temperature of 3 degrees.

They will arrive frozen. There are warming instructions located on the sleeves of the products you have chosen within your pack.

By clicking on 'view details' on each product we have listed on our website. Additionally there is an allergen sheet located in each pack stating the allergen information for all of our products.

Please email

Delivery locations will be on our website as updated or subscribe to our newsletter and we will advise you when we are coming to your area.

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