• Serving for 4

Amritsari fish, aloo tikki & channa, lamb kebab served with fresh yoghurt

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Aloo tikki & channa

The aromatic taste emanating from the chola, the chutneys and the pungent onion, along with that crispy sev on the top makes it an all time favorite Indian street chaat.

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Main Course

Rice & Breads

Pilau rice

Long grain Basmati rice slow cooked in a pan with onions, cumin & garden peas.

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Brown rice

Fresh & aromatic wholegrain basmati rice, finished with a touch of coriander. A healthy alternative.

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Gluten free Roti

A wheat free alternative, Flatbread cooked on an iron stove.    

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A round wholemeal flatbread cooked on an iron stove.

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Garlic & coriander naan

A traditional flatbread with garlic & coriander cooked in the clay oven

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Plain naan

A traditional flatbread cooked in the clay oven. Perfect to accompany a curry.

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Plain yoghurt (dairy free)

A creamy Plain yoghurt made from oats. Vegan alternative.

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Plain yoghurt

A light creamy Greek yoghurt.

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Freshly chopped cucumber, green chillies & coriander mixed with Greek yoghurt & light spices.

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A traditional rice pudding dish. Flavoured with black cardamom, saffron, cashews, almonds & pistachios.

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Gajjar halwa

Traditional Punjabi dish made from grated carrots, immersed with green cardamom, pistachios & almonds.

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